Winter Style

As the title suggests, hibernation season has arrived at our shores and that means it is time to start thinking about revamping our wardrobes. Seeing as we (obviously) like to keep warm and are going to wear the thickest sweaters and high ankle boots, I thought I would offer a few other options to hype up your winter outfits (whilst sticking to a core colour code, which will go along with almost anything).

Friend of Mine leather pants, Seed Heritage loafers and scarf, Harpers Bazaar Fashion book, Bailey Nelson glasses, Lovisa cuff, MOR Cosmetics moisturiser 

Leather pants 

the number one essential to looking chic whilst keeping warm. It is the understated garment that keeps coming back into fashion and can work its magic whether you're sporting a sweater, oversized coat, or even an over layered skirt (if Vogue's Christine Centenera can pull it off - so can you!)


the most comfortable, still feel like you're in your pyjamas, boyish looking, Olsen Twins style shoes. I am utterly obsessed! This is great for those days it doesn't rain or if you're heading to a casual dinner.


investing in a thick, knitted scarf will go a long way. If you stick to neutral colours it will go along with anything.


there will come a time when it is too cold to leave the house and on those days you are going to want to have something to do, so why not educate yourself with a style book?! Prepare for the next season to come and stay stylish in winter too.


seeing as the majority of our bodies are going to be covered, why not find a chic pair of glasses to stand out from the crowd. Bailey Nelson has really affordable cool frames that come in a variety of shapes and colours - its worth checking out!


supporting the glasses argument, unless you're planning on wearing a statement necklace or earrings - cuffs are your best bet for not overdoing the look. Pop them on top of your sweater or long sleeve tops' cuffs and voila!


winter also appears to be the time of the year when we drink less water so keeping one of these tubes in your bag should do the trick.