Slip On

There is no denying my love for loafers, initially a man's customary footwear has conveniently taken over our shoe world having been featured on celebrities such as the Olsen twins, Poppy Delevingne, Miranda Kerr amongst many others. A simple, elegant slip on
(socks or no socks) that is conveniently offered in a variety of patterns, textures, colours and shapes to suit virtually any outfit.

Need I say more?!


I am always amazed at how Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen continue to reinvent their seasoned collections for The Row. This one in particular had grabbed my attention as I love the shades of creams and browns as a contrast to The Row's 2014 resort collection that consisted of yellow, navy and black. The elongated sleeves and hem lines for their shirts, blazers and coats, while a shortened look for their pants and skirts - this mismatch works its way to our hearts!

The Row Resort 2015

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Messy Hair

I am often in search of the the perfect outfit for a night out. A safe, comfortable, edgy, let's do it all over again garment put together that will suit most occasions.
Whether you're heading out for a drink, to a concert, birthday or on a date, you cannot go wrong with these Tom Ford high numbers!
Leather jacket also enhances the overall attire and a metallic clutch has luxury to offer.
So now there is no excuse to bring out your rocking body, messy hair and look like a boss on your next Saturday night venture. 

Messy Hair


The new Autumn / Winter campaign from Burberry featuring top british models including Cara Delevigne, Malaika Firth and Tarun Niijer is absolutely mesmerising!
The use of colours, patterns, embellishments and all around flowy, light as a feather feel, makes me want to give Burberry my life savings.

Commonly, winter is the time of the year when society tends to wear blacks, greys and other dark tones. This campaign positively influences the use of colour, both earthy and pastel, and further proves that in fact we can project vitality throughout the gloomy, stormy weather.

Photos via Burberry

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