The Unconventional

Believe it or not, but the above three images are in fact outtakes from some of our favour designers' spring 2014 campaigns. Marketing fashion has never been this close to breaking barriers, utilising surrealism, realism and distorting the notion of age. 

When I first saw The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion brand, release its lookbook I knew fashion advertising is taking a turn. What a sophisticated way to propose that clothing is ageless! Genius. Stepping away from the traditional beautiful, symmetrical looking, thin model-look and instead have Linda Rodin one of a few older women to represent their brand is a huge risk, but as they say - no publicity is bad publicity right? This focuses on the notion that beauty is seen at any age and that buyers won't often identify with models - this is the brand working on forming a relationship with the real people. 

Next we have Mr Wang who, too, has decided to take a more 'realistic' approach in his campaigns by instilling his campaign models in a school toilet. The designer claims he chose a setting that is familiar to his customers and which they reminisce about. This sets a focus on the type of connection Wang is attempting to create with his customers, through identifying with their lifestyle and everyday environments.

Last but not least, Marc Jacobs is channeling a 'distant and dark' approach in his recent campaign, also featuring Miley Cyrus. Whilst many powerful fashion designers tend to use celebrities to brand their collections, Miley has not been one to receive good attention in the media. This signals a change in aesthetics for the brand as it steps up its social media attraction while simultaneously providing a more contemporary look of surrealism art movement.