Style Resolutions

First of all - Happy New Year everyone! It feels like a few months ago we were celebrating the arrival 2013 and here we are.. New year.

So aside from the 'every-year-do-more-of' resolutions such as read, exercise, socialise etc.
I think its time to incorporate some style resolutions into our to do list. These include facing all the critical thoughts and doubts that go through our minds while getting dressed up for an outing (of any kind really).

1/ Take risks
I am talking about those days when you have merely 20-30 mins to get ready and feeling rushed that you end up putting together an outfit that is 'safe' (i.e: no one can comment that you tried too hard or whats with the pattern clash, a simple look that consists of black and denim). I say be adventurous this year - yes the outfit might not get you praises or head turns down the street but you will be letting your creative inner-godess a chance to come out and play. I personally admire street looks that are extra-ordinary and make your head turn as oppose to your everyday t-shirt and jeans.

2/ Create a signature look
Whether it's your hair, ripped jeans, loafer shoes, excessive arm bling - have something that you are recognised for. It will make it easier to get dressed in the morning, as at least one part of the process will be effortless and others will recognise you as an individual. Whats the fun in looking and dressing like everyone else?! Determine what suits you best, look over at past photos, try out a new style that you haven't before and make it your own.

3/ Mix and match
How many of us shop for garments for that special occasion well ahead because we don't want to get stuck with nothing to wear, and yet find a the perfect dress a week before the event?! All these beautiful pieces are just sitting in our wardrobe waiting to be worn out, why not incorporate them into our everyday, hell - we have paid so much for them! For instance, pair up black harem pants with a really nice top - even a silk blouse and a leather jacket. Alternatively, pair those harem black pants with a casual white singlet and a nice blazer. Mix and match your casuals and your dress up garments - your wallet will thank you for it!

4/ Get inspired
In order to find your own style and persona it is not enough flicking through magazines. Magazines try and sell you a look, a lifestyle, which most of us cannot identify ourselves with. Get onto instagram, tumblr and pinterest - while it is a bit of a hassle when you get started, the reward it there. Follow the brands, bloggers, photographers and stylist you like the works of and figure out what outfits you would like to wear.

5/ Shop carefully
This is by far the hardest of the 5 style resolutions, so be prepared. 'Shop carefully' involves reasonable justifying, having your mind take a sprint through your wardrobe to see what would go along with what AND most importantly stick to - when in doubt say no! When shopping I tend to ask myself 'how much wear would I get out of this?' and 'how much do I love it?'. If it is difficult to answer I walk out of the store, give it a day or so and see if I am still thinking about it. In the case where I am still lusting over this piece a couple of days later then I know its worth the extra trip. Another thing to consider is returns - many stores now only have an exchange policy, in the case where you purchase a garment you are unsure about, always ask the store assistant about their returns policy.