All White

More and more are we seeing the head-to-toe all white trend, whether it is at the races, magazine shoots or bloggers - white is in! 

So let's cover the complexities of wearing this trend - it cannot be worn around messy food, to weddings and it most definitely cannot be worn anywhere where your outfit could get dirty.. easy right! Evidently, like most of you, my biggest fear with wearing white is to get it dirty and have people notice. Thus if you are looking to sport this look I would suggest to wear it to a coffee, friend's house, cocktail event or even a day of shopping that way you can minimise your chances of getting splashed with unwanted substances. 

Some pros of wearing all white include showing off your tan, looking fresh and clean, being able to add any accessory, standing out from the crowd and most importantly presenting confidence! (Because not everyone can pull it off!)

Below are a few outfit inspirations that might encourage you to try this trend after all!