Zara jacket, Natalie Encarnita top, Sportsgirl boots, Samantha Wills ring, random bag i bought on my last trip to Israel

What a weekend i've had! My handsome bf took me away for the weekend to Crown hotel in the city on Friday night and we went out for delicious dinners, goldclass, we walked around the city and most importantly relaxed and forgot about the stresses of work / uni. Loved every minute of it! Oh yeh, besides the Melbourne Aquarium (as you can see in the picture), i am so disgusted by fish cannot believe he managed to drag me in there lol. The cakes (banana and chocolate strawberry) from Greco were amazing! Got to get back into shape, ate so much crap this weekend :(

Also while wondering the city i found a camera i want to purchase, shouldn't be long til i can afford it with how much i'm working these days so fingers crossedddd! I'd love to be able to deliver better quality pictures for you guys :)

Got back home this morning and had to head to work so this is a small outfit post. Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend!